• Hong Sang-Soo

    Hong Sang-Soo

    I'm a big fan of this filmmaker... for many reasons.  Here's a link to some of his work so you can find your own. GET TO KNOW HIS WORK 

  • Relax!!!

     Ten hours of crusing altitude white noise.  Good night. 

  • ESPRIT 空想

     Live on

    I'm a fan of this reapropriation music artist... unique sound.  He's also known as George Clanton.  

  • Such a delicious album: Sakura by Susumu Yokota

    Released on the Leaf Label in 2001


    1. Woo - Into the Heart of Love (1990)


    I'm so happy I found this album.  Truly a forgotten gem.  Thank you, Youtube... 

    Released off the label: Emotional Rescue (1990)